How to Improve Your

Amateurs often go through tough times when they love the game of golf but have technique issues that are very hard to overcome through practice alone. Once they realise that they have a problem which requires fixing, it can often be difficult to correct poor technique. Expanding your existing knowledge, using some unconventional techniques and hiring a golfing instructor can be some ways of improving your game.

  • Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power when it comes to improving your golf game. There are a number ways of finding out more information about your current technique issues such as asking another player, looking at books, watching videos and searching the internet. This may give you some ideas about what you are doing wrong and how to improve.

  • Unconventional Solutions to Golfing Problems

Using unconventional solutions to golfing problems is a well-known secret among the golfing professionals. The room for error is so slight that sometimes there is no textbook answer for improving aspects of a golfers game. The knowledge and creativity of the player is the only way to fix a problem. Some examples may be the use of a different clubs to solve swing issues. A longer club for chipping may let the player know if they have hit the ball wrong.

  • Hire a Golfing Instructor

Perhaps you have tried to find out the problem with your technique and have acquired as much knowledge as possible but just can’t improve. It is time to hire a professional when this happens. They not only have the knowledge about your particular problem but have the experience of working with many players and working through a number of problems with players. They also can give you an outside perspective on your game.

This advice is a must for amateurs and budding professionals. Poor technique can result in problems that never get fixed and will challenge a player for years if not attended to. Knowledge and using some unconventional means are only a start. It may be better to hire an instructor who knows the common problems experienced by players.