Golf has so much tradition and authenticity in the UK. The golf courses, landscapes and history of the game offers so much to spectators and budding players. This website is dedicated to providing the best information about golf in the local area as well as the UK.

Modern golf is changing and there is a new breed of dedicated young golfers that value the traditions of the game while embracing new trends. This is incredibly positive in a world that often overlooks tradition. The website aims to be inclusive of as many golfers and members of the community as possible. The site promotes the traditions expected of the local and golfing community as well as new ideas.

Golf can add value to the life of everyone that plays or has contact with the game. Golf offers so much and is one of the most important games for showcasing technique and the incredible patience of players. Golf throws all kinds of twists and turns at players. Nature and other competitors can condemn players on some days and bring out their best on others.

What other sports let you converse with nature while competing with others? Golf does, and it also allows players to experience different landscapes and the joys of nature. Golf is a sport that is also inclusive of different genders, ethnicity, ages and people from all walks of life.

This site will continue to promote the game and hopes that readers of this website will join with us in making golf number one in the local area and beyond.