Dress Code

Like every golf course, a dress code is required and must be adhereed to, no exceptions. Golfing fashions have changed over the years and continue to push the boundaries but players are to observe the traditions of the club. Here are some of the dress code regulations for the club;

  • Players should wear long pants such as chino or slacks

Players should not wear denim or cargo pants. Golf shorts should not be any shorter than the golf scorecard width from the top of the knee which is approximately 5 inches. Exercise, bike, sweat, short denim or tennis shorts are prohibited. Tailored shorts are highly recommended. Shorts or pants, with visible pockets and others that are obviously not golfing attire, are not permitted. Women must wear a skirt no shorter than a scorecard width above the knee. Denim jeans, shorts, skirts and cutoffs are not allowed.

  • Players should not wear shoes without plastic cleats

No metal spikes are allowed and shoes must be considered ‘golfing shoes’. Trainers are prohibited.

  • Men and women must wear a shirt. Men are to wear a collared shirt at all times or a mock turtleneck. Women can wear collarless and sleeveless shirts. Singlets are prohibited for women and men. Women are allowed to wear shirts without sleeves which extend to the length of the shoulders. Men should wear tucked in shirts and are not to wear a shirt that extends below the pockets.
  • Torn, ragged or extremely faded clothing are not acceptable

Examples of the correct golfing attire can be seen in the golf shop and talking to golfing staff will give players a better idea about golfing attire. The off-season has a more relaxed dress code. Jeans and sweatshirts which are clean, not torn, see-through or faded are allowed. Trainers can be worn in the off-season.

The club has a zero tolerance for dress code breaches and players will receive warnings, penalties and restricted access to the club. This will be at the discretion of management.